Why Monitoring

Only in the presence of the control you clearly understand your position and determine prospects for development. Control gives you the ability to recognize the weaknesses and strengthen them effectively, preventing errors.

Lack of control leads to a loss of the current situation and forgetting the real possibilities. Often because of idealizing the situation, not realizing the true situation.

Do you control everything?

Is it important for you correct broadcasting of the paid media plan?

Do you want to be sure that provided bonuses airplays or discounts are not compensated by the hidden cuts of actually broadcasted in the media?

Did you have inconsistencies in broadcast of your content, or you have not event thought about?

Do you want to know that regional broadcasters transmit your ads on air according to the media plan or that they, on the contrary, violate it, inserting other content through your advertisement`s air time?

Do you want to know about the actions of your competitors?

Do you want to be sure that provided bonuses airplays or discounts are not compensated by the hidden cuts of actually broadcasted in the media?

Why do you need an independent monitoring of advertising?

To have information about the actual outputs

of your advertising messages. As they may differ from the scheduled due to technical reasons, due to the changes / cuts in the broadcasting schedule, etc.

To save a substantial amount of money

inefficiently spent, due to non-compliance with the total volume of output planned mediaplan by broadcasters.

To control the expenses of the advertising budget

including orders placed through intermediaries

In order to achieve your goals / objectives

for the campaign.

To know about the advertising activity of competitors

to improve your position on the market.

To reduce the unreasonable costs

of your working and personal time trying to self-monitor aired advertisements.

Save time and money
Evaluation of reliability and quality of the services you get on advertising
Ad quality control

identify inconsistencies in the timing at each outlet on the air.

Analysis of the context surrounding

media messages that are broadcasted in one ad unit with your spot

Control Media Publications

schedule of promotional materials.

Analysis of statistical data

in comparison with the actual implementation of the media plan.

Evaluation of advertising budget

on volume and costs of your advertising campaign and your competitors.

Evaluation of the advertising campaign

by actually achieved goals.

Authentic proof

detailed report with supporting its essential recordings on the absence or incomplete broadcast in the airplay.

At the current market trends, many companies not only control the course of its advertising campaign, as well as they actively monitor the actions of competitors and other participants of their market.

Monitoring competitor`s advertising campaign gives you a number of advantages:

Assessment of your position in the market

in relation to the actions of competitors, the scope of coverage of the target audience.

Analysis of your advertising costs

their adequacy with the market trends and activity of the competitive environment.

Rapid response to changes

in the activity of your market participants to maintain your positions, using the data on the turnover of the advertising budgets of competitors.

Measuring the effectiveness of your actions

in the context of channel to advertise on, intensity and seasonality, as well as costs by auditing proportional distribution of advertising media types, geographic regions, activities and time frames broadcasting.

Building the most effective advertising strategy

together with planning of expedient advertising budget , taking into account the data on competitors.